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CP Editing


January 27, 2016
CP Editing

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while but I wanted to examine how my photos were used in the paper. The designers chose to place text over many of my photos, which gives them a whole new look. 

Some of these compositions have a lot of negative space that accommodates the addition of text quite well (the farmer photograph, for instance.)

Some (like the sports portrait) were cropped in a way I didn’t like as much because what they took away was essential to the photo (I’ve included both, you can make your own conclusions)- I had composed it to include the athlete’s shadow against the stadium wall, which was truly the only strong part of that image. As glad as I am that they ran in large, it took away from my intended impact. 

At some point, photographers have to give up control of their images to those putting them into context. And I’ve always found it interesting to see the two different takes on the same image. Regardless whether I agree with the edit or not, it’s always a rush to see a photo I’ve taken run so prominently.